Light Beings – Stepping Through the Portal – 2015 into 2016

Something magical has happened, in the blink of an eye, as we have been told it might, while we slept or were meditating. Are you feeling it – the Moment of NOW has arrived!

“Its been a while since first i stood on the threshold where before me lay the beauty of a portal leading into a higher frequency. After lingering there, adjusting my thoughts, i stepped through the portal, holding a part of my consciousness in the place from whence I came. Then, after a while I stepped fully into the higher frequency of love & light. Still, a part of my consciousness remained in the other place until the frequency of the other place became unbearable. Then an angel came to me and said, Are you ready now to close the door on that other place which still stands open behind you? I hesitated…my angel waited…and advised a good nights sleep. When dawn arrived I opened my eyes and behold! While I slept my angel had closed the door behind me and that doorway became obscured by the light in which I now exist. I now await, holding space, for others to step through, just as others waited and held space for me, each in our own time. Meanwhile, I have made a discovery…the only thing that can return to that other place now sealed off from me, is LOVE. “

International Womens Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. What’s today? Do we forget and go on our way? Is everything that was broken for women now fixed to be replaced by new drama and events? Many people view the day as an opportunity to get their personal message out.

I want to say, in solidarity with Sojourner Truth – “I Am A Woman!” I am a Catholic woman, a Jewish woman, and I am a Muslim woman. I am an Irish woman, a Chinese woman, an Egyptian woman, Japanese, Native American, Indian woman, I am a Black African woman and a White Protestant woman, a Middle Eastern woman and that means I am a Palestinian woman and an Israeli woman.

All women are one just as all humanity is one. How can we ever achieve world peace if we do not acknowledge this oneness? When an African woman cries over her child, I cry with her. When a Mexican woman cries over her child, I cry with her. When an Israeli woman cries over her child I cry with her and when a Palestinian woman cries over her child I cry with her as well. And this is how it should be.

When we, as women, learn to love all children the world over as we love our own children, we will have taken a giant leap forward for mankind, and it will be not on the moon but right here on Earth, where it needs to be, now more than ever. Let us unite as women, and men absolutely, in this way, to call – to cry out from our hearts – Enough Already! Sojourner Truth lived 200 years ago and she wasn’t the first or the only one. Millions of women before her crying the same heartfelt gut-searing cry. Let there be respect and equality for women across the globe and I will bring my heart and soul to the cause!