I found myself in Heaven for another visit

Millions of words have been spoken. Yet the true path is so very simple and it’s shining like a beacon for all humanity. If everyone would at this very moment let go of all past grievances, of all that no longer serves us, open our hearts with love for ourselves and for others, our world would be transformed in an instant. The other day I found myself in Heaven for another visit. We are all there, our ancestors and our future selves to the 7th generation, and it’s all love, so all-encompassing and supportive, none of the troubles and travails of 3rd dimension prevail there. Heaven is a place of the highest creativity for the greater good and everyone thrives. Let’s bring Heaven to Earth. We can do it. It’s all inside us.

Higher Wisdom from highly evolved Spirit Guides here to help humanity in this time of chaos.

“Being in your center around other people comes from opening to the strength, love and wisdom of your divine self and soul, as well as other divine sources. These energies then flow through you and out to the world, strengthening and lifting everyone around you who is open and receptive.

When you are in touch with your higher energies you are able to be loving no matter how people are acting or what they are saying. You are calm and confident, aware of your truth. You stay in the light, unaffected by the emotions and words of others. Divine energy reveals your underlying unity with others, allowing you to respond with love and goodwill even around people with very different views, beliefs and lifestyles.

You can experience what it is like to stay in your center around other people by aligning with your soul and connecting soul to soul. You can experience the divine self that exists at a higher level than your soul, and connect with the divine self in others.”