Stand up against hatred

Dear Friends,

At this precarious time in our country when we Americans worry about the direction our leaders are taking us it is imperative that we move out of blame and negative dialogue and into strength of shared purpose. It is imperative that we eradicate racism. Remember, To harm another is to harm ourselves, to love another is to love ourselves. Stand up against hatred. There is no longer any room for such things as hurting people because our skin is a different shade or because we worship in a different way. At this time it is not more anger or division that is needed. What is desperately needed is joining together with friends and associates to encourage understanding through respectful discussion of religious beliefs, culture and ancestry. Coming together in honest forum as true Americans, accepting one another with awareness that within each person shines a beauteous divine light. Remembering this most precious truth: In the eyes of God, however we choose to envision God, we are all one. We all bleed red. We hurt when we see our neighbor hurt. We all hurt when our children hurt. In one way or another we are responsible for one another’s well being. We are in 21st Century. We need to move forward in a healthy way in this land that we love, and that includes recognizing our shared responsibility.

Sitting ‘around the fire’ together, as our ancestors have in tribal villages of times past, to resolve the issues of the day — these are worthy practices we can return to now so as to ensure our continuity as a great nation, a nation composed of many ancestries helping one another, a light to the world, the nation other nations turn to when in desperation. The symbolism of America as a safe haven for the oppressed remains alive and is our national pride. America is still great. We are a nation of people from all over the world, come to live together in harmony. Our children play together, grow up together, love one another. We cannot let our children down.

Affirm our greatness, our ongoing greatness. No one can take that away from true Americans. Our desire for peace, for a good life, is strong. We know how to do it. We are doing it. We must never allow ourselves to think any less of our country. Sources that seek to undermine our belief in ourselves should be turned off. Don’t breathe life into negativity. When you hear negativity speak up louder and with clarity:
Wrong Program!!! We are Americans and we love our freedoms!!! We love our great country!!! Stand up and say it in your own honorable way every time you hear otherwise. The energy of our collective voices reaffirming loyalty to our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and free Democracy shall reverberate throughout every state, red and blue alike. As a matter of fact, dividing our United States by color code is plain wrong. The notion is wrong. We are not meant to be states defined by color!!! Sing our best song: “America the Beautiful!”
We are the United States of America.


Service to others

Dear Friends, As we face a new year filled with uncertainties each one of us is being called on to rethink our priorities and come into balance with those parts of our selves that are certain. We are designed to help one another. When someone helps us we feel wonderful. And when we help another living being we feel wonderful. This is a certainty. Service to others. Service to others is directed by divinely inspired consciousness.

Here is where Free Will enters the scene for each one’s own unique consciousness as it arises due to its exercise or lack of exercise of Free Will, in concert with collective consciousness, creates a powerful force as it flows in currents of energy through human society. We are experiencing grave uncertainty in direct measure to the grave imbalance of our collective consciousness, which begins with each one’s use of Free Will. Let us accept responsibility for our own lives.

Awakening and expanding the light within, our soul, to remember who we are is where our true power lies. Placing our conscious intention upon an idea automatically expands that idea through synchronicity. In this way we either devolve into helplessness or grow and transform our lives toward a more pure expression of our true authentic selves: powerful beings of light having this disquieting human experience.

A well-directed response in uncertain times is to remember this truth: The choices we make today will shape our future. This is certain. So claim your power, friends. Claim the divine power within you that may have been squashed by negativity pouring into you, changing your divine self into a being of fear or blame or bias. Claim your divine power which functions from serenity, wisdom, love and discipline of the mind, not from hysteria and wild acts of uncontrolled emotion.

Let us, each and every one of us, claim our divinely ordained power of love and wisdom and move into the new year focussing our own unique consciousness more fully toward service to others, in this way affecting collective consciousness which will then move as one divinely inspired force to create from fearful uncertainty the world of peace and love that we long for.

Think about it.