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Becoming Your Light Being Self

The time you spend knowing yourself as a being of golden light is time outside of time during which the aging process is held in abeyance, imprints of illness are filled with healing light, and your frequency is excelorated. Therefore, visualize yourself as often as you can, even if only for a few seconds at […]

Stand up against hatred

Dear Friends, At this precarious time in our country when we Americans worry about the direction our leaders are taking us it is imperative that we move out of blame and negative dialogue and into strength of shared purpose. It is imperative that we eradicate racism. Remember, To harm another is to harm ourselves, to […]

Service to others

Dear Friends, As we face a new year filled with uncertainties each one of us is being called on to rethink our priorities and come into balance with those parts of our selves that are certain. We are designed to help one another. When someone helps us we feel wonderful. And when we help another […]

Let us stand in the light of our souls

Dear Friends, Let us stand in the light of our souls and prove the endurance of goodness, love, truth and beauty. Let us remember we come from love, we are a majestic symphony of light and sound vibrations. Let us shine our light with renewed strength and belief in the goodness of humanity. Let us […]

I found myself in Heaven for another visit

Millions of words have been spoken. Yet the true path is so very simple and it’s shining like a beacon for all humanity. If everyone would at this very moment let go of all past grievances, of all that no longer serves us, open our hearts with love for ourselves and for others, our world […]

International Womens Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. What’s today? Do we forget and go on our way? Is everything that was broken for women now fixed to be replaced by new drama and events? Many people view the day as an opportunity to get their personal message out. I want to say, in solidarity with Sojourner Truth […]

Love – All of Humanity is in Need of Love

The first cells that form the human embryo are heart cells. Tongue cells form closely beside heart cells. Today science has discovered that tongue cells support receptivity in heart transplants. Isn’t that fascinating? We are our hearts and we have been designed to speak from our hearts. We are meant to speak lovingly.  We are meant to […]

Holiday Season 2015

Dear Friends, All highly evolved beings have similar messages for humanity, often poetic and always filled with love. This is the message my spirit guide gave to me when I was writing Part One of “Song of the Heart” in 1989. It was time to close the chapter containing our initial dialogues and he saved […]