francine vale song of the heart

Francine Vale, Healer

Not alone, or for only one of us, but part of “All That Is” for all of us. This website is for you, my dear friends, and it is right on time as the energies around us shift into a higher frequency and each of us is being offered an opportunity to flow with these higher frequencies into a more fulfilling expression of our own unique soul energy.

vibrations francine vale Vibrations

Vibrations of purest light radiate out from deep within the One…
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This is the heartbeat that breathes light eternally into the great Oneness…
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pure lightPure Light

Pure light vibrations radiating out from the Heart of God surge forth…
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Walking the Path of Light

“It’s time to bury all
weapons of war in
the ashes of the past
& align ourselves
with a pure vibration
of love. ”

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