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Holiday Season 2015

Dear Friends, All highly evolved beings have similar messages for humanity, often poetic and always filled with love. This is the message my spirit guide gave to me when I was writing Part One of “Song of the Heart” in 1989. It was time to close the chapter containing our initial dialogues and he saved […]

Time – The Mind of Mankind 

It is essential now that we understand, mankind’s brain is terrestrial. It is of the Earth, of third dimension.  It is structured in physical form which gives it limitations and exists within third dimensional time. mind of mankind has no limitations of form or structure.  It is not of Earth.  It is of the great Oneness, unity consciousness.  […]

Love – “Gratitude in the Face of Adversity”

Gratitude is a state of being. It’s a feeling that resides within us, akin to love. We feel grateful when we awaken to another day, another opportunity to achieve, to be part of life and experience love. We may not always acknowledge our gratitude, but it’s there, like our breath. When gratitude is consciously acknowledged endorphins immediately […]

Love – Transform War Into Peace 

With Divine urgency humanity is being called on to remember: more than any other vibration coming to us from other diverse lesser sources, however tempting or alluring, it is the frequency of love and truth radiating out from the deep inner pulse of the Heart of God, that will bring to us the peace and […]

Time – Beyond Linear Time – Time Travelers

We are, each of us, always in a moment. For as long as we are living here, in third dimension on Earth, life leads us into each succeeding moment yet the moment we have just left is still in existence.  It always will exist.  Just as the moment we move into exists, waiting for us, existing forever. We are […]

Angelic guidance -Seeking Friendship – Guidance from an Angel

Seek intelligence in your friendships, but notice where intelligence departs from the harmonious nature of the soul. Seek balance. Seek for your friendships those who dwell within an alignment of intuition, openness of mind and gentleness toward others.  Such are the characteristics you must seek. An unbalanced intelligence may impart as much injury as ignorance.

Angelic guidance – Viewing Life From a Higher Perspective 

Learning from pure Spirit whose only purpose is to bring enlightenment to humanity. My spirit guide teaches me how to view life on Earth from the perspective of the Endless World where all is Truth, not according to the restrictive laws of man but according to the eternal Laws of Creation. But, it is here on Earth that humanity must learn to […]