francine vale lightworker

“When I was three years old, rocking my dolls in their cradle…suddenly my attention was drawn to an extraordinary loving presence right beside me…so I looked up. Right here in our foyer on the fourth floor in this old building in the Bronx my angel had found me!” from my destiny work, “Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light.”

Francine Vale

Francine Vale was born in the Bronx, married her ‘Prince on a White Horse’ and brought her beautiful children into the world. Looking toward the future and her family’s security she became her husband’s partner and together they built a successful business. In 1991 her spirit guide revealed himself to her, showing Francine images of her true authentic self, a golden light being, spoke of their home planet, and reminded her of her destiny on Earth. In this way, with spiritual guidance of utmost gentleness and lovingkindness, through experiences of profound wonder and teachings of profound wisdom, all the while maintaining relationships and holding on to her New York lifestyle until it could no longer be sustained, Francine’s life was changed forever.


Astrological Reading with Monty Taylor, NYC, May 2013

A chart like yours is rarely seen.
Waking up to cosmic identity.
You are visiting Earth, you’re on a mission; healing, helping.
ET intelligence is your lifestream.
It was the plan for your life to be in Aquarius right now.
You also came to learn through experience, out of curiosity.
Publishing is big, transformational.
Publish to bring people to higher consciousness.
Chiron in Pluto in one on one in 7th House.
You go up to higher dimension,
Working on deep rivers of consciousness.  Pluto is underworld
You live authentically with truth, higher wisdom, deep philosophy.
Sun, Moon next to Chiron signifies healing general public.
Strong Neptune/Chiron conjunct signifies inspired psychic ability.
Progressed chart indicates higher realms, higher wisdom.
Neptune in Virgo signifies you know how to apply otherworldly in 3rd dimension.
Infinite, amazing opportunity to be on media.
Flame of integrity signifies your middle name is integrity, at home inside yourself.
Hestia was the last Goddess to leave Earth. Hestia is on your ascendant.
Indicates Loyalty. Hestia tended beautiful flame of Vesta 24 hours.
Vesta is you – giving a little piece of your wisdom to others.
Every time you do, its from Vesta – Harmonia.
You are more on the path than anyone. True cosmic being.
Pluto, Jupiter configuration indicates your spiritual inspiration is quite extraordinary. In 29 degrees Virgo.
Karmic degree indicates summing up previous lives, here to serve others, Passing into higher frequency.


The cover art for the First Edition of  “Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light” was created by Francine Vale. Below she describes how it came to her.

cover art francine valeOne evening in 1989 while in meditation I saw a great golden statue of Buddha. The following day a neighbor couple invited me in to see their newly re-decorated apartment. As I entered their large square foyer I saw before me the same great golden Buddha as I’d seen in my vision of the previous night.

A few days later in meditation I was given another wondrous vision: A spinning kaleidoscope, shining and radiating startling, almost blinding, light. The light was white, silver and gold, violet and all the colors of the rainbow. Within the light I saw images. Everything was spinning so fast I tried, with the discipline of my mind, to slow the spinning, but it was not under my control.

I saw beautiful images of the natural world; snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, evergreen forests, lush meadows, a single flower, a lone branch of an apple blossom tree, jungles and rivers. I saw in the spinning light a glorious display of humanity’s achievements on Earth. In the center a single flower surrounded by images of humanity, the pyramids, Buddha, shelter, transportation; our life-giving Sun, the Tree of Life, the oceans and the sky filled with beautiful exotic life forms, the wheel, the Freedom Torch upheld by the Statue of Liberty, the three major religions blending (a vision I saw once in the palm of my hand), Big Ben which represents time in structure, and the Chrysler Building which represents humanity’s achievements in building great civilizations. An image of Buddha appeared imbedded in the light throughout the vision.

All of this I translated as best I could onto a page in my journal. Yet I felt a frustrating inability to capture the quality of ecstasy as it radiated from the spinning kaleidoscope with its color and glorious light.

Years later I learned that Buddha had this very same vision and it is known as the Buddha Vision.

Because this vision has held a sacred place in my heart and for its universal appeal I decided to use this image for the cover art of “Song of the Heart” which also aims to capture a universal view of life on Earth.

-Francine Vale

First Edition is no longer available.

Please order updated Blue cover Second Edition.