francine vale lightworker

Dear Friends,

All highly evolved beings have similar messages for humanity, often poetic and always filled with love. This is the message my spirit guide gave to me when I was writing Part One of “Song of the Heart” in 1989. It was time to close the chapter containing our initial dialogues and he saved this line for last:

“REMIND people as you walk along the way, as you gather in your homes: Do kindness unto your neighbor And enjoin love one to another.” Let this be my holiday message this season and as I share this sacred message I release all the heartache and sorrow of the past, face the new year about to dawn with renewed dedication to doing all I can to bring Heaven to Earth. Dear friends, won’t you join me?

francine vale lightworker

It is essential now that we understand, mankind’s brain is terrestrial. It is of the Earth, of third dimension.  It is structured in physical form which gives it limitations and exists within third dimensional timemind of mankind has no limitations of form or structure.  It is not of Earth.  It is of the great Oneness, unity consciousness.  It is through the discipline of the mind, the open evolved mind bound to the evolved soul, that humanity has capabilities which soar beyond time as it is known on Earth. The closed mind remains bound to the physical brain and its reach is limited to the brains physical capacity.

All is accessible through the mind of mankind.  The mind of mankind exists outside of time. It is through the timelessness of mind, which is bound to soul, that mankind seeks the wisdom of the stars, stars being symbolic of that which lies beyond our reach, unendingly stirs our imagination, inspires us to seek beyond that which is already known.  It is through the timelessness of mind which is bound to soul, that mankind longs for the peace and love that is our heritage yet seems to lie beyond the stars. Yet the vibrations of peace and love radiating toward us are more powerful than the accumulation of millions of impressions of negative human actions imbedded in the moments of time, patiently awaiting transformation into loving peace.

francine vale lightworker

Gratitude is a state of being.

It’s a feeling that resides within us, akin to love. We feel grateful when we awaken to another day, another opportunity to achieve, to be part of life and experience love. We may not always acknowledge our gratitude, but it’s there, like our breath. When gratitude is consciously acknowledged endorphins immediately flow throughout the body and we feel good to be alive. We feel renewed. We are connecting with our soul, our essential self.

But when adversity strikes gratitude is often replaced immediately by fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of loss. And everything in our world grows dark. Fear is the opposite of love and fear is a mighty challenge to gratitude – love’s child. Read more

francine vale lightworker

With Divine urgency humanity is being called on to remember: more than any other vibration coming to us from other diverse lesser sources, however tempting or alluring, it is the frequency of love and truth radiating out from the deep inner pulse of the Heart of God, that will bring to us the peace and love we seek and long for.  It is this true eternal pulse that most naturally resonates within our hearts and minds for our souls sprang forth from this true eternal pulse.  And yet, mankind behaves in opposition to the heartbeat and vibration of the Heart of God and chooses instead, the pain and sorrow that derives from association with destructive vibrations.

Although humanity has passed through centuries of war and destructioin, and light and love in the form of peace on Earth has passed into ancient myth, Divine harmony embedded within each moment remains true and constant.  Although generations have been taught that war and destruction are human destiny, and they pass through the moments of their lives distracted by chaos, thereby permitting chaos to expand and gain dominion over the moments of time, Divine love clothed in grace awaits the transformation of humankind.  How shall we, as individual human beings taught to believe in the doctrine of individual powerlessness, respond to this directive?

francine vale lightworker

We are, each of us, always in a moment. For as long as we are living here, in third dimension on Earth, life leads us into each succeeding moment yet the moment we have just left is still in existence.  It always will exist.  Just as the moment we move into exists, waiting for us, existing forever. We are all progressing from moment to moment and every moment exists forever, whether we are in it or not.

We pass through the moments of time which have been created for us, known to us as linear time and exists only in third dimension.  Higher dimensional life exists outside of time as we know it.  We are on a journey.  With this awareness we can understand that here on Earth we are actually travelers through time!