francine vale song of the heartAwake early on a summer morning in 1989, I watched the sun rise above the east River, above the tall city spires, filling a new day with its life-giving radiance. Simultaneously, a newly born thought arose in my mind and like the sun, the newborn thought blazed within me as if a shooting star had come to reside within my heart.

Suddenly, an open golden doorway appeared in my mind beckoning: come, step forward, move into the true light of your soul and find there your destiny. A moment later I had passed through the open doorway in my mind into a vast field of golden light where I saw a book infused with light blending its radiance with the golden light of the field. A title shone on its cover, Song of the Heart, and the entire book, every page sparkling and alive, was placed inside my mind, and all at once I knew every word, every phrase, every sentence inscribed on the pages of the golden book. “This is your destiny,” the newly born thought expanded within me. “You shall bring this book into the world. Begin your task. You are not alone.”

And so I retrieved from my desk a legal-sized note pad of light blue paper and a roller ball pen filled with black ink, and I wrote at the top of the first page: Song of the Heart. Words, phrases, fully formed sentences, freely flowed from the golden book inside my head onto the pretty light blue paper and the roller ball moved smoothly and with magical speed across the page, page after page, day after day, until october 1990 when the last word was transcribed from golden light into black ink. Song of the Heart came alive with a heartbeat all its own. The book’s life became my life, and I became the book. It wasn’t being created; it already existed. It needed to be brought into manifestation, and when the task was complete, the golden light remained with me, within my mind. A gift, I was told, for remaining loyal to the task, for bringing forth discipline of the mind to transfer all that I saw in the light onto pages for the purpose of helping others to see the same golden light and bring the light through, into their hearts and into their minds.

On March 1, 2012, a square of golden light suddenly appeared in the very center of my head, and as I observed this amazing phenomenon I saw four golden triangles overlay the golden square to meet at the precise central point, a view from above the Great Pyramid of Giza! As I continued to focus my mind on the light, I watched the four triangles open from the central point. Radiant golden light completely filled my head. Fully formed thought “packets” begging to be released into manifestation filled my head and began to flow into my consciousness. I went directly to my Apple laptop and out poured “The Structure of All That Is,” the first chapter of Walking the Path of Light.

Apparently, I needed to live another 21 years and experience all that I have experienced in order to complete my destiny work, Song of the Heart. Responsibilities of the past now fulfilled, “The Structure of All That Is” flowed through me in ten days. In six months Walking the Path of Light was complete. Traversing space from distant stars, the golden light of the Great Pyramid of Giza, shone its wisdom through my consciousness, its sacred knowledge released in the year 2012 in accordance with the ancient timeline for the people of Earth.

It could be said that golden light is embedded on every page. The language and arrangement of words on the pages of Song of the Heart and Walking the Path of Light were designed to bring greater awareness of the absolute necessity for love and the power of love to shift the energy at every turn in our lives. And to transform and uplift the consciousness of its readers into a higher frequency never before available, yet available now for all who so desire and open to receive it.

Walking the Path of Light is presented in the form of a journal to maintain grounding in third dimension of its esoteric content. Also, there is soul travel and movement of consciousness within timeframes and dimensions. The journal form creates consistency in the comforting return to present time and space. It feels as if the sacred truth being revealed in Walking the Path of Light, by the very purity of its frequency, uplifts and transforms everything it touches until nothing can be hidden in any way. The golden healing light of love shall overtake earth and all humanity and raise us up to higher consciousness in all things until we see with clarity and speak with clarity of all the elements in our lives.