Love – All of Humanity is in Need of Love

The first cells that form the human embryo are heart cells. Tongue cells form closely beside heart cells. Today science has discovered that tongue cells support receptivity in heart transplants. Isn’t that fascinating?

We are our hearts and we have been designed to speak from our hearts. We are meant to speak lovingly.  We are meant to express love with our life blood. We are designed to speak truthfully. We are designed to express our joy for life in all we do. Any other expression lowers our frequency as it goes against the natural flow of life.

When we function in a loving way, we create a loving environment for our own well-being and the well-being of those closest to us.  When we go out into the world with love in our hearts and on our tongues we draw to us others who will love us or at least treat us kindly.

It also happens, since this is 3rd dimension Earth, that we may encounter others who challenge our loving ways.  These are ones who need love and it is our challenge to love these people.  We are not required to stay in companionship with people who do not respond to our loving heart. However, it serves us well to bring love into relationship with them as much as we are able to;  a challenge of life on Earth meant to help strengthen us and teach us who we are.

Babies who are born into an unloving environment do not thrive.  The absence of love in their lives reverberates throughout their lives and contributes to deep longings and inner restlessness difficult to soothe.

All of humanity is in need of love. Everyone we meet in the course of a day will benefit from a loving smile, a kind word, a soft look. Practice lovingkindness wherever you go, whoever you interact with.

Raise your own frequency through the power of love. You will find yourself feeling better about your life.  Even if the superficial aspects of your life seem to have not changed, your inner world will begin to transform.  Eventually, this inner transformation will be reflected in your eyes, in your face, in your self-expression, in your own habits and well-being.  In this way, through self-transformation to a higher frequency of love, you will begin to transform those around you, they will begin to transform others, and so on, eventually transforming our world, our life on Earth, into a world of lovingkindness and gentleness.

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