The Eternal Life of the Soul

Healer and Author, Francine Vale discusses past lives and how they shape our destiny.

I just returned from my uncle’s funeral. He was 97. My aunt, my mother’s sister, is 98. When I walked into her home she looked up and saw me immediately. As I drew closer she cried out, “Those eyes! I recognize those eyes!” I held her hand and kissed her but felt an urgency not my own, a love even greater than I felt was coming through me. “Oh!” my aunt cried out, “You’re my sister! You have those eyes!” My mother’s spirit was using my body to express her love for her sister! My mother’s eyes were very different from mine. Yet my aunt saw my mother in my eyes. Once, as I watched my daughter drive her car into her garage I could swear my mother was behind the wheel! It looked exactly like my mother until the very last second when she opened the car door. And my mother’s spirit managed to do that on another occasion. My aunt also saw my grandma in my eyes that night. For my part, I felt an overwhelming force urging me to kiss my aunt, hold her hand, tell her I love her and stay close beside her. At the funeral my parents showed up while I sat beside my aunt. Suddenly, my uncle barged in looking exactly like he looked when I was a child, saying in his boisterous humorous way, “Hey, this is MY funeral!” And he came to stand right in front of his beloved wife of 76 years! During the eulogy, given by a veteran of the Jewish War Veterans of World War II in which my uncle had fought the Battle of the Buldge, my uncle told me he very much appreciated the recognition as his war experience had influenced his entire life. His coffin was draped with an American flag and his burial was accompanied by a Marine honor guard. Taps was played and we watched as the flag was ceremoniously folded and handed to my cousin. My uncle was very pleased with his funeral. Later, one of the cousins told me, he was afraid to say it but he saw his grandpa during the funeral. This is a perfect example of how we connect effortlessly with our loved ones who have passed. It happens because we loved one another, sometimes more than we ever knew, and there is no stronger force in the universe than LOVE.

Within hours after his demise my husband came back. The music that was playing stopped, everything grew still, and on came the song that we used to call our own. He returned frequently, each time telling me he loved me. Almost eight months after his passing I visited Peru. On my first night there, at 4:30 in the morning, my husband showed up in the corner of my room looking exactly how he looked when we met in 1958. Young and handsome, not a trace of illness, only happiness that I saw him. He was bathed in shining white light. “Franny baby, I love you!” When a year had passed he came and brought me to where he currently dwells and showed me around. Later I went back 3 times on my own. What I am describing in this video is what I observed while I was there. While I was with him in that narrow band of consciousness he was not bathed in light, nor were the other people. They looked like people and they weren’t transparent. A psychic medium advised me to not go there again as the vibration was not good for my health and in fact, I did get sick with a pretty nasty flu, so I haven’t gone back. Even places that are held within proscribed boundaries of consciousness where the light seems artificial are within the greater light. The light does not judge nor punish. The soul goes to the highest and best place for its own ongoing spiritual growth where immediately it remembers that all they really had to do was love the people they came to be with.