Time – The Mind of Mankind 

It is essential now that we understand, mankind’s brain is terrestrial. It is of the Earth, of third dimension.  It is structured in physical form which gives it limitations and exists within third dimensional timemind of mankind has no limitations of form or structure.  It is not of Earth.  It is of the great Oneness, unity consciousness.  It is through the discipline of the mind, the open evolved mind bound to the evolved soul, that humanity has capabilities which soar beyond time as it is known on Earth. The closed mind remains bound to the physical brain and its reach is limited to the brains physical capacity.

All is accessible through the mind of mankind.  The mind of mankind exists outside of time. It is through the timelessness of mind, which is bound to soul, that mankind seeks the wisdom of the stars, stars being symbolic of that which lies beyond our reach, unendingly stirs our imagination, inspires us to seek beyond that which is already known.  It is through the timelessness of mind which is bound to soul, that mankind longs for the peace and love that is our heritage yet seems to lie beyond the stars. Yet the vibrations of peace and love radiating toward us are more powerful than the accumulation of millions of impressions of negative human actions imbedded in the moments of time, patiently awaiting transformation into loving peace.

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