Francine Vale’s

Remarkable Life Journey

In ‘Song of the Heart’ Francine Vale Reveals Secrets of Self and Global Healing

Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light by Francine Vale is a magnificent memoir by a sought-after healer with clients from coast to coast and abroad. A being of highest vibrational energy, Francine has helped countless people meet many challenges, including overcoming deadly cancers and other illnesses they were told were fatal.  In the book, as she tells her compelling life story, she illuminates what so many of us would otherwise remain blind to:  the presence of Guardian Spirits just waiting to assist us, the Oneness of humanity, and the true structure of what she calls “All That Is.”

The structure of Song of the Heart is also unique:  Part One is a beautifully written, fictionalized version of the Vale family. Part Two, which takes place 21 years later, brings back the same characters and we see where their earlier lives have taken them.  In Part One Matty, the patriarch of the family, suffers one of the worst childhoods since Oliver Twist, and we learn how his psychic scars affect his wife and children, especially his beloved daughter, Francine. What we do to each other, what we do to ourselves, has never been presented in clearer terms.

This life-changing work of art could not come out at a better time:  right after the New Year when so many of us have spent quality time with our extended families. The family actions and interactions in this epic tale will move you deeply while affording you insights into your own relationships.

In her Introduction, Ms. Vale confesses that the title came to her in a vision, as “phrases, fully formed sentences, freely flowed from the golden book inside my head…”  In other words, the book was dictated to her by Starlight, her lifelong Guardian Spirit and muse from another dimension beyond Earth.  The purpose of this celestial dictation, Francine was told, was to allow her to “bring greater awareness of the absolute necessity for love and the power of love to shift the energy at every turn of our lives.”

Song of the Heart is a tale told by a special being whose calling is to help us see that we each have a soul, what that soul is, and how all of our souls are connected. Her intention is also to help each reader “tap into the Unity Consciousness and be able to create closeness with your guardian angel and spirit guides.”  Best of all, she teaches us the primary aspects of healing, accessible to all humanity, and at the same time shows why she knows “there is no death, only transformation of energy.”

Francine Vale is an excellent interview subject on self-healing and all the topics mentioned above.  We would be delighted to send you a copy of Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light for possible review.  Contact information is below for interview requests or further information.


Francine Vale with author Carole Hyatt on November 20, 2013 at the NYC home of Ms Hyatt.

Francine Vale and author Carole Hyatt


Julia Juliati comments on Song of the Heart

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Her book A Song of the Heart at Barnes and Noble online and Amazon.

is a must read for those who is in search of personal peace, love, and freedom. — at Juliati Boudoir Photography Studio.